• Safe, individualized care

  • Avoidance of unnecessary medical intervention

  • Bodily autonomy & shared decision making 

  • No limits on who can be present during prenatal appointments & birth

  • Prioritizing preventative care prenatally

  • Access to water birth 

  • Access to your midwife 24/7

  • Continuous labor support

  • No limits on eating & drinking in labor 

  • Freedom of movement in labor - not restricted to a bed 

  • Preservation of the golden hour 

  • Physiologic delayed cord clamping 

  • No separation of mother & baby

  • Family centered care - children allowed in birth space

  • Intimacy with care provider - trust & shared values


In the current culture of medicalized birth, midwives are experts in facilitating undisturbed birth. What is undisturbed birth? It's the kind of birth that occurs in a low technology environment, in a space which feels safe and familiar to the laboring mother, surrounded by the support of people she trusts. In this kind of environment  her body can let it's guard down & her birthing hormones are free to run their course - uninhibited by stress hormones & creating regular and strong contractions which bring her baby out naturally. She has freedom of movement and is encouraged to eat and drink regularly throughout labor. Her baby is immediately placed on her chest after birth, and the two are mostly left alone to bond and breastfeed after their long birthing journey together. Undisturbed birth occurs with providers who save intervention only for when it is truly necessary & who know and trust physiologic birth. 


  • Focus on preventative medicine and holistic health 

  • Pregnancy & birth are generally normal functions of a healthy woman

  • Lower use of intervention

  • The woman gives birth 

  • Birth can take place in many settings - home, birth center, or hospital 

  • Care is individualized 


  • Focus on management of complications

  • Pregnancy & birth require technology in order to achieve good outcomes

  • Higher use of intervention

  • The baby is delivered by the doctor

  • Birth almost always occurs in the hospital 

  • Care is routine

We have designed our practice to be an intimate & exclusive maternity experience. We limit the amount of families we take into care each month so that we can commit to giving each family fully present & competent care. Our goal with each pregnancy is to reach a level of genuine trust and partnership with your midwives so that you can fully relax during your birth. You will have access to your midwives 24/7 via phone call or text throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.