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We provide prenatal care at our office, typically starting at around 10 weeks of pregnancy. We see our clients monthly until 28 weeks of pregnancy, biweekly until 36 weeks, then weekly until delivery. We draw all labs in the comfort of our cozy office, including an initial prenatal profile, optional genetic testing, glucose testing, and GBS testing. Prenatal visits typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour. At every prenatal visit, we will assess blood pressure, listen to baby's heart beat, measure your uterus, and collect a urinalysis & other labs. We offer non-diagnostic ultrasounds in our office at no extra charge. Our goal prenatally is to achieve an optimal state of health for both mother and baby. We will discuss nutrition, stress management, exercise, use of herbs and prescription medications in pregnancy, and holistic remedies to common pregnancy discomforts. We also offer a home birth class, typically taught around 36 weeks of pregnancy. 


Starting at 37 weeks of pregnancy, your midwives will be on call for you 24/7 in the event of labor, always available via phone call or text. Once early labor begins, we are in direct contact with you, offering counsel and advice. Once active labor begins, we will arrive to your home and prepare the space for birth. We set up all necessary medications and supplies, and provide a birthing tub which we will set up, fill up, and break down after baby's arrival. We continuously monitor both mother and baby during labor and immediately postpartum. Your birth team will typically consist of one midwife and one trained and experienced birth assistant. We hold space in labor in many ways - offering counsel on different positions, providing hands on or hands off support, catering the care to your specific needs. 

After delivery, we facilitate skin to skin & delayed cord clamping, offer breastfeeding counsel and support, and suturing with lidocaine if necessary. We provide a comprehensive newborn exam - we weigh and measure baby, test reflexes, offer newborn medications, and test baby's oxygen saturation, all at the foot of the bed. We will also file the birth certificate and register baby with Social Security. 


At 24 hours postpartum, we will check in to make sure mother & baby are thriving. We routinely provide 3 postpartum visits - one in home at 48 hours postpartum, two in office visits at 2 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum. We will provide metabolic screening and CCHD (critical congenital heart defect) screening for baby at 48 hours, assess baby's weight gain, and continue to offer breastfeeding guidance and support. We will assess the mother's well being and overall recovery in the postpartum period. At around 6 weeks postpartum, we will offer well woman care including PAP, family planning counsel, etc. 


It is believed that consuming your placenta in the postpartum period has many benefits including increasing energy, supporting hormonal regulation and lactation, decreasing postpartum bleeding, replenishing depleted iron, and more. We offer placenta encapsulation & placenta tincture preparation to all families regardless of your planned birth setting or provider. We will pick up your placenta from your home, dehydrate & encapsulate it, then deliver it back within a week.







  • Prenatal care 

  • ​Lab collection​

  • Childbirth education class

  • Lifestyle counseling

  • Labor & Delivery 

  • Birth tub service

  • Postpartum care

  • Lactation support



  • Well woman visit

  • Lab collection including PAP 

  • Family planning counseling including counsel on birth control, fertility awareness method, childbirth spacing, etc. 

  • Lifestyle counseling



  • Encapsulation + home delivery 

  • Tincture preparation for an additional $75

We are a self-pay practice. We do not accept insurance, however we do offer payment plans. We ask that our fee is paid off in full by the due date of your baby.

For our families who would like to utilize their insurance, we work with a professional billing service who will help you get the best possible reimbursement according to your plan once the baby is born. The reimbursement is typically issued within weeks or months after your baby is born, depending on your policy. 

We do accept payments from health shares, such as Christian Health Ministries. 



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