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We are a pair of loving midwives located in Jacksonville Beach, FL who provide comprehensive maternity care. We offer maternity care including prenatal visits, homebirth, waterbirth, VBAC, postpartum care, and more. We believe that pregnancy and birth are sacred and normal life events and that every baby should be born into a loving and peaceful environment. Our goal is to provide safe, competent care to low risk women and to help all of our clients have an empowering birth experience. 


"Maya and Mandi were amazing midwives I cannot say enough wonderful things about these two women and their practice. From the very beginning they made it easy and made me feel so comfortable. I loved the home visits and always looked forward to chatting and learning from them. They were always so positive and reassuring that I could rock a natural birth. They were there any time I had any sort of question & they had a great advice on how to remedy common pregnancy annoyances. The day of the birth they were so calm and such a supportive presence. They really let me take the reins on my birth and labor and breathe and push at my own pace. But I knew they were there if anything were to happen or if I were to need them and that was very reassuring and gave me a huge peace of mind. They make a fabulous team and balance each other out in every way. Have these women on your birth team! You will be happy you did. I know that if I am ever to have another baby it’ll be with these two women at home!"

"These months have been nurturing, sacred, and personal. I have treasured the opportunity to share these visits while I lay on my own couch, my own bed, sit in the sun in my yard. It's such a joy to welcome these beautiful women into our home, with such gratitude they are willing to drive over. I will hold these experiences and memories in my heart always, and recommend the option to everyone who seeks peace and quiet through the journey through pregnancy, birth, and their postpartum sacred window."